Dept of English - Faculty Details

Faculty NameDr. JIJU VARGHESE JACOB (Head Of Department)
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience Details 19 Years Completed (Regular Service), 2 Years (as FIP Guest) Date of Joining-1 July 2002.
Qualifications MA, PhD (Kerala Univ.); PGCTE, PGDTE (EFLU, Hyderabad); PGDJ (Institute of Journalism, Press Club, Tvpm), DCS (BICS, SB College,Changanassery)
Areas of Interest Cultural Studies, Counter-Narratives, Media Studies
Field of Research American Fiction, Literary Theory
Guideship Details Haven’t yet applied
Subjects Handled American Fiction, Literary Theory, Semiotics, New Media @ PG & UG Levels
Academic Responsibilities Undertaken i) Coordinator, IQAC
ii) Addl. Chief Suptd. of Univ. Exams
iii)Coordinator of Internal Assessment
iv) External Mentor for WWS
v) Coordinator, RUSA
Duties Performed ) Chief Suptd. ofPSC Exams (2016-18)
ii) Returning Officer of the College Union Elections ( 2011, 2017,
iii) Staff Advisor to the College Union (2008, 2010, 2017)
iv) Staff Editor
v) Coordinator of the Purchase of IT Equipments
vi)Placement Officer
vii) Anti-Ragging Cell Chairman
viii) Liaison Officer for the New College and 3-phase Electrification
ix) Nodal Officer, E-Procurement (2021-22)
Research Projects Undertaken NA
Research Publications List of Publications
Jacob, Jiju Varghese. “Ecofeminism: Constructing New Paradigms.”
S B Academic Review. 9.1 (2000): 17-20. Print.
---. “Language as Metaphor in Marquez’s The Autumn of the
Patriarch”S B Academic Review. 11.2 (2001): 47-52. Print.
---. “Power as Political Tyranny in Marquez’s The Autumn of the
Patriarch” S B Academic Review. 12.1 (2004): 41-45. Print.
---. “Towards that Third Space: Interrogating the Diasporic Paradigm”
Pursuits. 3.2 (2005): 46-53. Print.
---. “The Text and the Reader.” Literary Theories in Application. Ed.
Sunita Jakhar. Jaipur: Aadi Publications, 2010. 19-24. Print.
---. “Communication, Culture and Market Pressures: A Case Study of
William Faulkner’s “Turnabout.”” Changing Worlds: Reinventing
Literature and Culture. Ed. Lata Marina Varghese. Pathanamthitta:
Catholicate College, 2012. 211-15. Print.
---. “Beyond Rhetorical Violence: The Chengara Experience.”
Revisiting Cultural Studies: Towards a New Critical Paradigm.
Ed. G. Koshy and Ashley Susan Philip. Tiruvalla:
Mar Thoma College, 2012. 172-77. Print.
---. “TheSignificatuion(s) of Nothing: A Derridean Readingof
William Faulkner’sThe Soundandthe Fury”
Research Journal of English Language and Literature (RJELAL).
Vol.8.Issue 3. 2020 (July-Sept). 1-12. Web.
---. “William Faulkner and Poststructuralism: A Stylistic Exordium”
The Criterion: An International Journal in English Vol. 11, Issue-
III, June 2020. 147-56. Web.
---. “Paraphrasing the Untranslatable: A
Deleuzean/Derridean Approach to William Faulkner’s As I Lay
Dying” Rock Pebbles: A Peer-Reviewed Journal of
Multidisciplinary Studies UGC-CARE listed
September 2020 Vol. XXIV No. III. 58-69. Web/Print.
Books Published Nil
Paper Presentations i) From Idealism to Materialism: Raymond Williams’ Theory of
Culture atthe National Seminar on Recent Trends in Literary
Theory organized by thePostgraduate Dept. of English, NSS Hindu
College, Changanassery on 16, 17 October 2003

ii) The Myth/History Dichotomy in Colonial Discourse: A Few
Issues at the Rev. Dr. Dan Thottakara Memorial National
Seminar on Writing and the Empire: Colonial Discourse and
the Postcolonial Theory organized by the Dept. of English, S H
College, Thevera on 26, 27 February 2004

iii) The Twice-born Fiction: The Problematic of Auto-translation
in O. V. Vijayan’s KhasakkinteIthihasam and The Legends of
Khasak at the National Seminar on Author as Translator
organized by the Dept. of English, Jamia Millia Islamia, New
Delhi on 13, 14 March 2008
Seminars / Workshops Organized 1. Coordinator of One-day National Workshop“Ring out the Old, Ring
in the New”: Enhancing Employability Skills of Undergraduate
Students@Govt. Arts & Science College, Elanthooron 2 March
2. Organized an International Seminar,Language and Community:
Reclaiming the Lost Democratic Spaces on 13, 14, 15 December
2018 (by the the Language Departments of Govt. Arts & Science
College, Elanthoor).
3. Organized a One Day National SeminarRemembering Girish
Karnad: Reconfiguring an Ecosystem of Irreverenceunder the
auspices ofAct Attack and Magic Lantern, the Drama Club and the
Film Club of GCE on 22 August 2019.
Seminars Attended More than 20
Workshops Attended 8, including 4 FDPs; the last one being an onlineOne-week Faculty
Development Programme on LMS (Moodle) and Course Designconducted by
KSHECfrom 9-13 August 2021
Refresher Courses Attended 1 (@ ASC ,Univ. of Rajasthan, Jaipur in 2007
Orientation Programmes Attended 1 (@ASC, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi in 2008
Awards / Honours / Patents Conferred NA
Membership (s) in :i) Breakthrough Science Society, an independent society
committed to the cause of science, society and scientific outlook
ii) Cine Mass, a Film SocietyCollective for social resistance and
Assigned Office Charges Examination Committee
Countries Visited nil