College council

College Council

The College council shall consist of the Principal and Heads of the Department of each subject of study, one person elected from the staff members, Librarian of the General Library and the Ministerial Head of Administrative Staff of the College Office. . The council helps the Principal in the general administration and  academic matters of the college.

The current college council of GCE is as follows;

The ex-officio President of the Council      :  Dr. SUDHA BAI R, Principal

Secretary                                                                  :  Ms. Hayarnnisa M (Elected Member)

Other Members:

  • Dr. Shylaja Kumari P
  • Dr. Jiju Varghese Jacob(Head of the Department of English)
  • Dr. Deepa Mathew  (Head of the Department of Commerce)
  • Mr.Subhash Nair S(Head of the Department of Physical Education)
  • Mr. Rajesh Kumar K(Head of the Department of Malayalam)
  • Mr.Harikumar M (Senior Superintendent)
  • Ms.Resmi Sandeep(College Librarian)