Nature Club

The world in 21st century is developing at alarming rate while on the other hand the destruction of natural resources is going on. Today, the human society is facing severe environmental problems like climate change, greenhouse effect, energy crisis, depletion of natural resources, biodiversity loss, pollution of air, water, soil, etc. The scope of the problems is from local level to global level. Higher
educational institutions can be the best solution to solve this situation because; environmentally responsible citizens accept responsibility for what happens in their community – not only environmentally but also politically, and socio-economically. If it is the role of colleges to educate members of society, then they must be actively instrumental in the sustainability movement.
In this context, the Nature Club of Govt. Arts and Science College Elanthoor has always been committed to inspire students to think differently about the environment and encourage them to be eco–friendly and to do whatever they could do to protect nature. The club has an annual membership 40 members.

  • To help young people experience the wonder and wilderness of nature.
  • To create awareness about environment and issues of conservation.
  • To initiate conservation action and conservation education activities.
  • To promote environment friendly lifestyles.

Activities of the year were coordinated by Ms. Hayarnnisa M, Head of the Department of Zoology