Jeevani-Centre for Well being is a new programme implemented by Government of Kerala, in all government colleges. The services offered under Jeevani programme are available for all students enrolled in the college. The stress encountered by the students may have a negative influence on their physical, social, emotional, and academic states. The help of a psychologist would be very valuable at this stage. Here comes the relevance of the project Jeevani by the Department of Collegiate Education, Government of Kerala, which focuses on the mental well being of the students in the government colleges in Kerala.


  1. Counselling for students having psychological issues.
  2. Conducting of programmes for creating awareness about mental health.
  3. Early detection of student’s problems.
  4. Education Support.
  5. Development of Social Skills among students.
  6. Development of life skills among students .

Co-ordinator : Dr. Manju V Madhu

Jeevani Psychologist :Ms. Remya Remesh, .

Jeevani Activity report 2023-24

Jeevani Activity Report 2020-21

Jeevani Activity  report 2019-20