Code of Conduct


Consequent on the Enquiry Commission report on the incident involving the assault of a student of the college, the HoDs shall take serious note of the following:


  1. The conduct and maintenance of discipline shall be the responsibility of the department

concerned. In their discretion, the departments may recommend for exemplary punitive

action against the erring student(s).


  1. The departments may seek the support of the Discipline Committee for the smooth conduct of classes and maintaining a proper academic ambience.


  1. The departments should give a report on any student of their departments on demand.


  1. The departments shall ensure that all students who are eligible for the Univ. exams possess

the minimum percentage of attendance as stipulated by the University.


  1. Any breach of discipline shall be promptly reported to the Principal for immediate action.


  1. The departments shall ensure that the parents are kept in the loop as regards the conduct and

performance of their wards and the liaison work to this effect shall be carried out in right



  1. A periodical review of the students’ performance should be done by the departments and the

same shall be brought to the notice of the Principal, if need be.


  1. The departments should ensure the strict compliance of their students to the college code of



Code of conduct