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Besides catering to the syllabus requirements of all the 3 undergraduate streams of the college, the Dept. of English has been in the forefront of a host of academic and social initiatives of GCE, right from its inception. Despite umpteen infrastructural handicaps which the whole college shares, in December 2018, the Dept. successfully organized a 3-day International Seminar, Language and Community in collaboration with the other Language Depts. of the college which came in for wide praise by the academic community. The Dept. was actively behind the conduct ofDr. Krishnan Nampoothiri Commemoration Seminar, Padeni Seminar, Performance & Planting and Preservation of Areca nut Saplings on the college campus, a programme actively supported and assisted by the PadeniSangham (A Padeni Artistes’ Collective) of  Elanthoor. In addition, the Dept. earnestly got involved in the conduct of a One-day History Seminar to celebrate Kerala’s Birthday on 1 Nov. 2018. The Dept. also played a lead role in organizing an Archeological Exhibition, a News Photography Exhibition and 2 Padeni Performances in connection with the International Seminar in Dec. 2018. The Dept. also imparts Communicative English training  to students for campus selection and placement and one student of the Commerce Dept. has already been selected as an ASAP Trainer. The IQAC and Placement Cell of the college are also headed by the Department. On the Community Service front, the Dept. actively coordinated the post-flood relief operations in and around Elanthoor, a joint initiative by the staff and students of GCE which came in for huge appreciation by the regional and national media and the public at large. The Dept. also enthusiastically extended its service for the Community Kitchen Programme, an initiative of our Hon. MLA, Ms. Veena George, post-floods.The English Association, Polyphony conducteda One-Day National Workshopwith the objective of enhancing the employability skills of the undergraduate students of the college on 2 March, 2019. The Dept. was an active partner of the International Seminar, Kathakali: The Word and the Stagejointly organized by the Language Depts. of the college and the Dist. Kathakali Club in January 2010 (9 &10).








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