Dept of Commerce - Faculty Details

Faculty NameDr.M. UDAYA KUMAR
Designation Assistant Professor
Experience Details 18 years (Govt. College – 7 years)
Qualifications M.Com., M.Phil., Ph.D.
Areas of Interest Finance and Accounts
Field of Research Agricultural Finance
Guideship Details Not yet applied
Subjects Handled Financial Management, Financial accounting, Cost accounting, Management
Accounting, Marketing, E-Business etc.
Academic Responsibilities Undertaken Question paper setting, Valuation, Invigilation, Viva Examiner
Duties Performed Head of the Dept., Class tutor, IQAC Coordinator, Purchase committee
convener, Timetable committee convener, Academic calendar coordinator
Research Projects Undertaken Nil
Research Publications Three
Books Published Nil
Paper Presentations Nil
Seminars / Workshops Organized 1
Seminars Attended More than 25
Workshops Attended More than 10
Refresher Courses Attended 01
Orientation Programmes Attended 01
Awards / Honours / Patents Conferred Nil
Membership (s) in no
Assigned Office Charges Others
Countries Visited Sultanate of Oman, United Arab Emirates